What draws you to a book? Romance? A handsome hero? A strong heroine?  A tale that enables you to escape or make you sigh?

I believe in the power of story. It can comfort, challenge, and inspire. It can make us laugh, and it can bring us to tears. It can teach, take us on an adventure, and help us dream.

Although the stories I put to paper are fictional, they’re about real people with real struggles, with a little bit of humor and romance. 

I’d like to introduce you to my current project—a three-book series, Daughters of Riverton. These historical romances are set in the early 1900s, and they take place in a fictional town based on my own home town and people who lived there. 

Sarah’s Smile is completed and tucked away for safe keeping. I’m currently working on Hope’s Design, which will be followed by Rebeccas Song. You can learn more about these stories and Riverton by exploring this site.

I hope you’ll grow to love Sarah, Hope, and Rebecca as much as I do …

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