Sarah's Smile

Sarah’s Smile

The Daughters of Riverton Series, Book 1

A would-be missionary longs to leave heartbreak behind. 
A widowed pastor yearns for the way things were. 
They shared a past, but can they share a future?

In 1902, Sarah McCall is waiting to leave for the mission field when the man she once loved steps back into her life. Abandoned as a child by her mother and gambler father, she strives to overcome a tarnished history she didn’t create and a heartbreak she can’t forget.

Peter Caswell returns to his Wisconsin hometown a pastor, dedicated to his four-year-old daughter and new congregation. But no matter how hard he tries to move on with his life, he can’t forgive himself for his wife’s death.

When Sarah learns that Peter is returning to Riverton, the letter giving her departure date for Africa can’t come soon enough for her. They were best friends—she loved him and supported his dreams—but he married another and broke her heart. Although ten years have passed since he left Riverton, Peter hopes Sarah still cares enough to give him a second chance. But a charming newcomer pursues her affections—and Sarah’s childhood nemesis manipulates her way into Peter’s life. Will Sarah and Peter find their way to forgiveness and each other, or will past mistakes make a life together impossible?

What will you find when you open the pages to Sarah’s Smile?

Romance . . . heartbreak . . . scandal . . . secrets . . . and second chances.

Book club members – You’ll also find 20+ questions included for discussion and reflection.

Available on AMAZON in ebook and paperback.

Available on Barnes & in paperback. 

Available on AMAZON in The Daughters of Riverton series in a boxed set for Kindle.


What readers are saying about Sarah’s Smile  . . .

“This book creates a feeling of not only stepping back in time, but of walking into a peaceful, Midwestern town. The author’s descriptions are delicious! Her voice is distinctive and fresh in historical fiction. She has a way with dialogue and story that will make this book-and this series-reader favorites.”

“Peopled by realistic and well-rounded, late Victorian characters with hurts, foibles, and redeemable traits, this story revolves around the themes of trust, disappointment, forgiveness, and the consequences of poor choices. The writing is first class.”

“It was a heartwarming and inspirational story. I wept. Sarah and Peter have remained live in my thoughts.”

“I couldn’t put this book down!”

“A captivating story of love with a well-crafted lesson of true forgiveness woven by characters that are real and refreshingly human.”

“This story delighted me, challenged me...quite surprisingly.”

“This story touched me on so many levels. This writer appreciated the author's ability to make her forget it was only a story.”  

A sneak peek into Sarahs world …

Sarah wears a similar locket to this one, and you’ll discover that it carries great sentimental significance.


Her grandfather highly respected missionaries, and he was one of the most influential people in her life. Before he passed away, he gave her a copy of David Livingtone’s journals, which she still holds dear to her heart.

Lilacs are Sarah’s favorite flower. They grow in her yard, and she prefers to wear lilac-scented perfume. 

Sarah’s grandmother enjoys tatting and creating delicate handmade lace by looping and knotting single cotton thread with a small shuttle or hook. My grandmother enjoyed making lace doilies and edgings for pillowcases (as seen here), but this skill was also used to make lace collars and cuffs on clothes.

Tatting shuttle and hook.

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