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Dear Friends,

Here’s a list of the blogs and websites that have featured me or my books. Many of the articles include interviews that touch on my personal and professional life. Some also include additional tidbits about one of my books. If youd like to read an article, just click on its red link.

Many thanks to these awesome people who have been promoting me. Your support is much appreciated!

The Modern Woman’s Life Magazine 
Interview - Being an Author and Freelance Editor Entrepreneur 

The Rise from Devastation and Tangles with Alcoholism with Author Dawn Kinzer
My husband, Sonny, and I believe personal stories have power. They can help people—if we’re willing to be vulnerable enough to share them. We’re very open to sharing our experiences, so with the hope that they might encourage others, I write about the challenges we faced during our first years of marriage and discovering that my husband struggled with addiction.

I was a guest on the Center of His Wheel for the feature, “Women of Faith and Fiction,” and was asked some great questions! Check out this interview to find out more about me, my faith, and my books.

Are you dying to know what color I’d be if I were a new addition to a crayon box? It’s one of 3 questions asked in this interview.

Author C. Kevin Thompson asked some fun—and some tough questions about my life—both personal and writing-related.

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